Monday, July 23, 2012


A story is told of a fire that was raging in a forest. Everything all around was up in flames and all animals were running around in confusion, not knowing what to do for they had never seen such a huge fire engulf their forest before in their lives. However in the midst of all the confusion, there was a little humming bird that, though frightened out of its wits, decided to collect water with its beak. By this time, the other animals had already gotten out of the forest and were looking back at what they called their home being consumed by massive flames. On seeing the humming bird hurl water in its beak and pour on the fire, they laughed. 'Why waste your time?' they said, 'What you are doing is too little to have any effect on those flames.'
To this, the humming bird replied, 'It doesn't matter whether I put off the fire or not BUT at least I am doing something about it. WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?' At this, the other animals fell silent in shame for they realized that what the humming bird had said was true. Rather than laugh or lament or worry, they could at least use that time to do something about the fire... at least they could try to save what they could.

Many times I hear people complain about A B C D.... and rarely do you hear them give solutions. Rather than complain about the economy, government, public health sector, education sector, corruption, ask yourself: WHAT AM I DOING TO BE THE CHANGE THAT I HOPE TO SEE? It is all about ATTITUDE. As People Purposed, we decided that the best way to be the change was to start at the grassroots i.e. the young people for they are the future of tomorrow... WHAT ABOUT YOU?