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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Snippet No. 7: SERIES | TELEVISION | NOVELS etc....

It's amazing how people's imagination (movies, series, novels, animations, telemundos, kinigeria, etc...) capture our souls to the point that we get so fixated on them. However at the end of the day, we forget to realize that all that is before us was simply someone's imagination and that within each and every one of us too lies a deep oasis of imagination just waiting to be tapped. Unfortunately, we fail to exploit our own imagination and simply watch and are continuously amazed at other people's imagination. I was in a taxi just yesterday and could not help but notice a young lady so engrossed in her novel 'THE ART OF ROMANCE' (my sneaky eyes stole the title though she tried to hide it from the countless prying eyes that sit in a taxi). This moment triggered this whole train of thought that is before you. I kept thinking to myself, here she is so taken up by this novel; does she realize that all it is, is simply someone's imagination (creativity)? Does she even realize that within her lies a creativity on par or even greater than the person who wrote that novel?

Many times we fail to see beyond a movie, beyond a series, etc... and instead choose to sit back and vegetate for hours on end. The next time you find yourself watching something amazing, whether a movie or series or animation or telemundo, or reading an amazing novel, appreciate the creativity but also KNOW FOR A FACT THAT IN YOU LIES A CREATIVITY ON PAR OR EVEN GREATER THAN THE ONE THAT HAS WOWED YOU. Then go out once you are done and purpose to EXPLOIT THAT CREATIVITY.

Food for Thought:
Many of the so called INVENTORS were inspired by something fictitious they saw on television, newspapers, etc... and they immediately set out to work to CREATE them. And did they eventually do so, YES INDEED! Do you think I am simply imagining this? Well, check out INVENTIONS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD next time you get a chance and see what I am talking about.

- the iPedlars (Outspoken for the Unspoken)